UTRS Corrosion

About the Division

UTRS is one of the few firms that provide comprehensive corrosion control services—ranging from engineering design to system installation—without the conflict of interest associated with being material sales representatives or distributors of corrosion control products. Our corrosion control team specializes in all aspects of corrosion control engineering, design, operations and maintenance, design and build, construction management, and evaluation and analysis projects for myriad clients, including government, public and private sectors. Our licensed Professional Engineer and construction director have over 60 combined years of experience in the cathodic protection industry, and their team is comprised of the highest caliber engineers and installers around. We have the experience to consistently deliver creative, high-quality, technology-based services on time and within budget. Above all, we take pride in our fast and professional response to client needs, accurate and advanced solutions to problems, and high level of communication with our clients.

Transit System & Cathodic Protection Corrosion Engineering

Led by a NACE-certified C.P. Specialist, our engineering team has extensive experience in cathodic protection design for galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection and transit stray current control. Our engineers are experienced and certified to perform all aspects of cathodic protection professional services, including stray current design and testing, traction power system testing, signal system testing, and laboratory soil analysis, as well as design, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of cathodic protection for pipelines, concrete structures, power plants, refineries, and water and wastewater treatment plants. Our team continually advances its technical knowledge by participating in industry seminars and continuing education courses, and actively participates in developing standards for transit and corrosion control.

Cathodic Protection Installation

Our installation team has wide-ranging experience in the installation of cathodic protection systems, including impressed current and galvanic systems, hydro excavation, and aboveground storage tank interior and exterior submerged structures. Because we do not represent any material manufacturer or sole source any material, we are ideally suited to perform cost tradeoff analyses of different corrosion protection materials from available manufacturers and suppliers. Accordingly, we promise to provide you with the best technical solution within your budget.